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I'm interested in signing my child up to be represented by agency but what's the catch? Do I have to pay a fee to be on the agency?

No! There is no charge to be on the agency! However there are a couple of requirements, which do involve a fee. These requirements are official agency photos, a Spotlight membership and attendance of 3 of our fabulous technique workshops a year. The agency will take a small commission of the fee your child is paid if they book a job.


What are official agency photos?

To be represented by the agency, you must attend an agency headshot session which costs £65 per child (an exclusive rate for Scarlett & Co by our affiliated photographer). These photos are used on our website and are what we submit to be seen by casting directors and need to be a gorgeous accurate representation of your child, showing both their personality and natural look. Photos need to be updated every 18 months or if there is a significant change to your child's i.e. braces, extreme haircuts! Children under 4 don't need professional photos unless you want them to as they change so quickly and photos quickly become outdated!

What is Spotlight?

A yearly Spotlight membership fee for a child is £114. Spotlight is the main service that agents use to be notified about castings and where they submit their clients for roles. Spotlight subscription is mandatory for children Age 5+.

Does my child have to attend the workshops and what will they cost?

We are delighted to offer agency exclusive workshops throughout the year for signed children only. First things first they are wicked fun! We cover audition technique, improvisation, acting for camera, self tape skills, practice musical theatre auditions and much more! It's a brilliant way for the children to get to know new people, work with different instructors, directors and casting teams and to prepare them for the world of work. It's also a brilliant way for me to get to know the children and to make them feel comfortable with auditioning and ensures I am sending them up for the right type of work for them. I love seeing them thrive and learn and like to think that we are one big team all heading out there representing the agency. We're building an empire! Workshops will usually cost around £25/30.

What is commission?

The agency takes a small commission of between 15-20% on any jobs that your child should book. The commission varies depending on the type of job, as equity rates vary between areas of entertainment. This would all be laid out in a sole agency contract for you. 

Do you sign everyone who applies to the agency?

No! In conjunction with our mission we want to provide the best experience for all of our clients and represent a wide array of different children. There are many things that we take into consideration when processing applications. Once you have applied you will be invited to attend a New Talent Workshop. After the workshop we will let you know whether you have been successful and regardless of the outcome we will give feedback for every child we meet. I do think that, talent aside, certain attributes are required for a child to cope with this sort of life...and it’s not for everyone! We are a small boutique agency and like to get to know our children as individuals, so keep our books small. 

I know you are affiliated with Associates, Tonbridge. Does my child have to be a pupil there to be on the agency?

No! Many of our clients do attend the school but we are always interested in hearing from other children! Our workshops will take place in Tonbridge so proximity to this location would be easier for you, but if you are happy to travel then that's great. You also ideally need to live within commuting distance of London as this is where the majority of castings take place. 

What happens once I sign up?

Being on the agency would involve your child being submitted for auditions for theatre, film, television, modelling and voiceovers. If picked after submission then they would be required to attend an audition/casting, maybe a recall (or 4!) and then hopefully book a job, which would involve anything from days on set, to rehearsals, fittings, script learning, a show schedule, travel around the country or abroad both with a parent or without! If you are not prepared to head up to London at short notice for castings then please consider whether this is something you want to sign up for...Having some lovely willing family members to do the audition run is often handy! Sometimes home self tapes, videos of skills or extra photos might be requested, but usually a bit of travel to auditions is involved. You also must be prepared to be super flexible. Filming dates, rehearsal dates or show schedules often change at the last minute and so full flexibility and the ability to 'go with the flow' is highly appreciated!

I work full time and would struggle to take my child to auditions all the time...Help!

A great thing to consider...your child might have the time to fit in auditions but do you? Maybe you have 4 other children who you can't keep carting off to London? Here is where our chaperone service comes in! Subject to availability we have a number of fully licensed professional chaperones who are able to chaperone your child to auditions or on jobs. There is a fee for this (travel + hourly rate), but many jobs pay a chaperone fee so that's great if you are unable to chaperone them yourself. Just ask about this service and we can give you more info. 

I have more than one child who I'd like to sign this possible?

YES! We love siblings and casting directors love siblings! Although casting is often about creating 'fake families' there are quite often jobs that come up for real siblings and even sometimes the whole family! Let us know if you'd be happy to attend castings as a family and we can make sure we have a lovely picture of you all together on file. 

Will my child definitely get work?

Unfortunately being represented by an agent can never guarantee work, We can just do our best to get your child in front of some fantastic people and hopefully offer them some fabulous opportunities! It is a highly saturated industry and unfortunately comes with a lot of highs and lows, however you never know when your child might be exactly what they are looking for! Auditions are always a super fun experience and can teach children some brilliant life skills, so we treat being chosen to audition as being as much to celebrate as getting a job!

Great, sign me up! How can I apply?

Click here! We can't wait to meet you!

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